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We find guns at:

  • single shot, repeatedly, automatic, semi-automatic 

Here we speak of semi-automatic arms.



It seems that the origin of the word comes from Italy GUN a small town in Tuscany near Florence "Pistoye" "Pistoia". Indeed there were manufactured small daggers that once France took the name of this city: pistoyers. When the invention of small and muskets first gun standing in the same way that a dagger was given the word to them. These first steps appeared to XVth century. Then over time the word became "Pistolier" and later "Pistol".

For a gun, ammunition feeding is effected by means of a charger.

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The origin of the word comes from the Latin Revolver "or revolvare revolvere". Thereafter the root word is given in English "to revolve: rotate" which reflects the rotary motion given to the store "the barrel". In the early nineteenth century that Mr. Lenormand, gunsmith in Paris, was the first to invent a gun and 5 rotating cannons to shoot 5 rounds quickly. At handguns, Mr. Samuel COLT revolutionized them.

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The first step towards automatic weapons became the United States in 1854. With this new system there was barrel. The ejection and armament were effected by means of a lever. At this time, Remington manufactured a repeating pistol, but the principle demanded the additional manipulation of a lever to replenish the gun between shots requiring both hands.

The factory of Saint Stephen built a semi-automatic model, with one hand on the yoke, allowing to reload and shoot quickly. The vagueness of the shooting could be attributed to the effort that was needed to operate the weapon.

The idea of ​​using the recoil produced by the blast to unlock, eject and reset originated in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth. During this period the automatic loading were created as earlier models were only semi-automatic. The German army was endowed in 1892 with an automatic pistol Mauser. In 1900, Browning realized the last step remained to be done to automatic weapons in creating the 7.65 mm.

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