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Club G.S.E.M
TIR section
Approval No. 0906104

The club was born in 1965


"The Shooting Sports is a state of mind. It is acquired through learning self-control and concentration. It is a constant questioning of his lucidity and his effort with ease to meet its imperfections. "

Youth, adults, seniors, women and people with disabilities discover our TIR section.

Recreational shooting, official or friendly competitions under the responsibility of its President Roger ARMINIO, the shooting stand of OLI in Trinidad.


In section welcomes enthusiasts and amateurs in a deliberately friendly atmosphere, despite the seriousness of discipline and guidance.

The shots are conducted under the supervision of facilitators and initiators patented by the French Archery Federation, some of which are labeled "Target Color". They can teach shooting sports for adults and children. These will help you in your discovery of the disciplines practiced in the club but also in your evolution.

The club opened a "Shooting School" in accordance with rules established by the French Archery Federation.

The stand is equipped with no shooting 10 meters, 25 meters and 50 meters. All facilities are certified and they practice shooting with long guns and handguns.


In recent years, we have incorporated a section of the visually impaired, blind and disabled (Disability Access: PMR), they draw on Thursday afternoon taught by volunteer instructors. They use compressed air to senior rifles equipped with an electronic device that allow them aiming.

The stand is equipped for access for people with reduced mobility, and specific toilets.



Shot 10 meters:

It consists of 20 fire stations on two levels for pistols and air rifles. With station equipped with an electronic Targetry "MEYTON"

















Shot 25 meters:

It consists of 10 weapons for shooting station to fire pistols and revolvers.
Possibilities: precision shooting, sport pistol (or combined), standard pistol



















Shooting 50 meters:

It consists of 12 shooting stands up carabinieri and pistoliers.
Possibility of shooting up, lying, sitting, initiation precision "bench rest" (As part of the promotion of this support on shooting discipline, the French Archery Federation in 2004 established a National Circuit involving tests is pulling 50 meters with small caliber rifles "LR 22").Gun "free"














Visually impaired, Blindness,
Handicaped person (PMR)







































Port of recommended headphones


Association Valentin HAUY

4 Rue Henri BARBUSSE 06 000 NICE

glasses obligatory protection

obligatory helmet anti noise

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